Utility Hood Rack for Kubota RTV-X900, X1120, X1140

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The Seizmik Utility Hood Rack is great for expanding the carrying capacity of the RTVX900 & RTVX1120D. It is especially useful for farm tasks, because you can carry your tools on the hood rack and load supplies in the dump bed. The quick and easy 30-minute installation does not require technical knowledge or special tools. This hood rack features multiple mounting points and allows for tools and gear to be easily strapped down. On top of it all, it is constructed from all steel and has proven to be nearly indestructible.

  • Heavy duty 200lbs load rating
  • Multiple attachment points 
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable heavy duty steel to last a life time

Note: This product is not compatible with the followng  Kubota Factory OEM windshields: V5258 / V5259 / V5027 / V5028

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