Universal Side / Rear View Mirror for 2.00" Round Roll Bars

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Part Number: SM-18039
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  • DIMENSIONS: 8" (L) x 4.5" (W)
  • FITS: 2" Roll Bar
  • INSTALL TIME: < 30 Minutes
  • SHIPS VIA (Single): UPS, FedEx
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Warranty
Mount these mirrors in any configuration you choose. They be mounted as side view or rear view mirrors. They can also be used for any vehicle with 1.875" round bar, such as a tractor or a boat. Thanks to the mirror's convex surface and large viewing surface, it gives the driver a large range of view. Designed specially for UTV tasks, the high impact plastic and shatterproof tempered glass allows this mirror to really take a hit and keep on reflecting.

  • Shatterproof glass to ensure long lasting vision
  • Durable housing to reset all sorts of punishment
  • Ball socket joints to find any angle that works for you
  • Low profile clamps to prevent any windshield interference

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