Universal Side / Rear View Mirror for 1.75" Roll Bars

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Mount these mirrors in any configuration you choose. They be mounted as side view or rear view mirrors. Buy 3 to have 2 side view mirrors and a rear view mirror. They can also be used for any vehicle with 1.75" round bar, such as a tractor or a boat. Thanks to the mirror's convex surface and large viewing surface, it gives the driver a large range of view. Designed specially for UTV tasks, the high impact plastic and shatterproof tempered glass allows this mirror to really take a hit and keep on reflecting.
  • Shatterproof glass to ensure long lasting vision
  • Durable housing to reset all sorts of punishment
  • Ball socket joints to find any angle that works for you
  • Low profile clamps to prevent any windshield interference

NOTE: Does not work on Pro-Fit or Profiled cages.

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