UV Resistant Standard Coated Vented Polycarbonate Windshield for Kubota RTV-XG850 / X900 / X1120 / X1140

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This windshield is constructed of durable UV resistant polycarbonate. It has automotive grade high deflection bulb gaskets along the top and bottom of the windshield in order to ensure the best in class seal against the elements. The vents are constructed of super-durable glass-filled nylon, with built in defogging settings. Gaskets are included to seal against water intrusion. Fully adjustable, easy-to-use louvers are built into the vents in order to allow for variable airflow settings. 

  • Made of super durable polycarbonate this windshield was built to last a lifetime
  • Versa-Vents make for a quick defog or a nice steady airflow
  • Automotive grade gasket prevents all water leaks around the whole windshield
  • Quick install to get you out to the trail faster

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