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UTV Side View Mirrors for 2.00
UTV Side View Mirrors for 2.00' Roll Bars (Pair)

UTV Side View Mirrors for 2.00" Roll Bars (Pair)

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Part Number: SM-18082

With adaptive 360 bracket rotation, these UTV Side View Mirrors will accommodate any angle rollcage pillar & provide optimal viewing position so you can mount it high or low and adjust to perfect position every time. Its designed with high-impact ABS plastic housing and full breakaway geometry to resist damage. These mirrors have a convex design so you can see more without taking up more space. 

  • Break away tech prevents injury to the mirrors in any sort of situation
  • Boll socket joins allow you to find the angle that works the best
  • Heady duty ABS gives these mirrors maximum durability on even the roughest rides
  • Tension bolts always keep the mirror as tight as new ensuring no sliding or bouncing while riding

High visibility

Super tough housing resists damage

Shatterproof tempered glass for increased safety

Wide range of adjustment

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