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Part Number: SM-30011
Wiper motor features two speeds and a park function that returns the blade to a position high and out of the way. A quick toggle of the switch and the blade parks even higher.
Washer operates independently of the wiper motor, allowing the user to flood the windshield of mud and debris prior to starting the wiper. A great feature for the mudder in you life.

The Windshield Wiper Washer Kit from includes: wiper motor assembly; wiper arm & blade; pump; washer fluid reservoir; hose & fittings; wire harness; and mounting hardware.
Equipped with dual, independently adjustable jets, 110º of wiper range motion to cover the driver’s side of the windshield, and a 2 speed motor with a park position feature that positions the blade high and out of the way when turned off.

Spray Pattern:
Position and aim the jets to your liking—kit comes with four nozzles and enough fittings and t
Dual Independently Adjustable jets:
Each nozzle has 2 jets—each can be independently aimed for optimum coverage.

•14” AUTOMOTIVE WIPER BLADE — May be replaced with a standard style wiper blade
•WIPER MOTOR ASSEMBLY — 2 speed motor with automatic park position
•STURDY STEEL BACKING PLATE — Heavy Duty mounting structure with rubber vibration isolation bumpers against windshield
•HOSE — 16’ long hose provides enough length to place jets in a number of locations
•1.5 QUART RESERVOIR — Enough capacity to get the job done

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