Tire Wheel Package: 14" Assault Wheel with P350 Journey 27" x 10" All Terrain Tire

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Part Number: VW-3502711214
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  • TIRES: P350 27" x 10.00" R14
  • WHEELS : 14" x 8" Assault (4 x 110)

Upgrade your UTV's performance with the 14" Assault Wheel and P350 Journey All Terrain Tire Package. The one-piece aluminum build of the Assault Wheel features a unique 8 split-spoke design, providing both strength and style for your UTV. The P350 Journey All Terrain Tire boasts a wide footprint and tread pattern for exceptional traction, while the shoulder lugs protect the sidewalls and rim. The radial construction of this tire ensures a significantly smoother ride over rough trails, making it ideal for both recreational riders and UTV racers.

This package includes four 14" x 8" Assault Wheels with a 4 x 110 bolt pattern and four P350 27" x 10.00" R14 tires. Also included is a mounting kit with 16 1/2" chrome lug nuts and 8 lug studs, ensuring a secure fit for your new wheels and tires. Upgrade your UTV's performance and hit the trails with confidence.

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