Soft Top Cab Enclosure for Kubota RTV1140

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The Soft Top Cab Enclosure is designed and customized specifically for the Kubota RTV1140. This enclosure includes a solid, one piece shatter-resistant lexan windshield that provides protection from rain, wind, snow, sleet, dust, sun, and debris. The enclosure also incorporates a 16 gauge steel tube frame covered with a soft, stop rip vinyl canopy doors, as well as a combined front and rear window.

What is Lexan?

In the 1960s, NASA used Lexan brand polycarbonate for astronaut helmet assemblies and visors, which became known as "bubble helmets", including those used by the Apollo moon astronauts. Lexan is also one brand of polycarbonate used to make football and other sports helmets. By laminating sheets up to 1.25" thick in the 1970s, a material tough enough to stop bullets was created. By 1969, taillights made from Lexan brand polycarbonate were found on the 1969 Dino Ferrari. It was also used not only in industrial safety glasses, but also to make lightweight traditional eyewear.

The Lexan material has a variety of versatile properties such as: 

  • Toughness
  • Weatherability
  • Biocompatibility
  • Optical quality
  • Compliance with stringent FDA and USP requirements