Rear Window Dust Panel for RTV-XG850, X900, X1120

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Part Number: 3S-KUBX90BCK
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  • FITS: RTVX900 & X1120D
  • INSTALLATION: < 1 Hour
  • SHIPS VIA : UPS, FedEx

This rear windshield dust panel is a great addition to your RTV-XG850, X900, or X1120. The panel is made of heavy waterproof material and features a clear rear window, which covers the rear section of your RTV. The rear cover straps to the roll cage using self-adhesive Velcro for a weatherproof seal.

Modular design means you have coverage options. Add the back panel and limit the blowback into the cab. While the back panel works beautifully with our windshields, doors, and soft tops, they work with any manufacturer's enclosure accessories. Add a zip-open rear window for more airflow when the temperatures rise.

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