Rear Heavy Duty Axle For Kubota RTV-X900 / X1100 / X1120 / X1140

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Built to work as hard as you do!! Tackling anything Off Road with a 10%-15% increased CV Joints compared to regular size joints. Made of dual heat treated high strength Chromoly steel to handle extreme torque. Wide articulation angles and an increase in plunge prevents the axle from binding. Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomar CV Boots are highly resistant to tear and wear. These axles provide best overall operating performance, to keep you going day after day.
  • 30 to 35% stronger than regular axles
  • 15%-20% increase in diameter compared to regular axle
  • Inboard joint is designed to allow up to 40° articulation
  • Double plunge allows more travel 
  • Entire axle dual heat treated to increase strength

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