Radiance Pod Multi-Trigger Harness
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Radiance Pod Multi-Trigger Harness

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  • FITS: For Use with Rigid Industries Radiance Light Bars

The Multi-Trigger Harness was designed specifically for the Rigid Industries’ Radiance light bar. Equipped with two independent circuits for an easy install, circuit one is designed for higher amperage and utilizes a relay to power the primary LED’s on the Radiance light bar; while circuit two is designed for low amperage and has no relay for the backlighting circuit on the Radiance. The Radiance Multi-Trigger Harness also comes standard with two separate backlit LED rocker switches (red and blue), so each circuit can be used independently. The Radiance Multi-Trigger Harness makes installation of your Rigid Industries’ Radiance as simple and clean as possible.

  • Integrated Fuse Holder to Protect Both Circuits
  • Circuit 1 is designed for higher amperage and utilizes a relay to power the primary LED’s
  • Circuit 2 is designed for low amperage/no relay for backlighting circuit
  • Two backlit LED rocker switches included for independent on/off of primary LED’s and backlighting
  • Three connectors with built in heat shrink ends to be used for splicing in the pigtail

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