Quantum Coated Vented Windshield for Kubota RTV-XG850 / X900 / X1120 / X1140

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Part Number: NC-RTVX9WS
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This windshield comes with a sliding vent system which allows for airflow. These windshields are Quantum Hardcoated; meaning that they are 30x more scratch resistant than acrylic, and 10x more scratch resistant than MR10 Coated Lexan. The Quantum Hardcoating also gives much higher optical definition and clarity. This is coated with the toughest hardcoating that there is.

  • Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate 
  • 30x More Scratch Resistant Than Acrylic
  • 10x More Scratch Resistant Than MR10 Coated Lexan
  • Substantial added rigidity
  • Easily adjustable air vent

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