Polaris Ranger Midsize - Soft Top and Back Panel

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The Ranger Midsize soft top has a best in class fit courtesy of "Quikfit" tightening system. The tightening system uses two straps that wrap around the roll cage and buckle inside the cab. This reduces the installation time of the top and provides the best fit of any top in the industry. The system uses two straps that reduce the installation time of the tops and provide a tighter fit. What really sets these tops apart is their ability to be left on vehicles that are trailered. This is possible because the tops are wrapped around the roll bar and velcros into place, creating a snug fit that eliminates any loose flaps.

  • Made from strong UV Nylon to prevent rips and tears
  • Quick install means you can get back to the trail faster
  • Rear window and unstrap and roll up for easy towing
  • Rolls up for easy transportation.

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