PRO 2.0 UTV Front Mount Push Tube

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The KFI PRO 2.0 UTV Front Mount Push Tube is meant to make your plowing experience smooth and easy. It enhances your ability to effectively control and be more efficient at plowing. With an easy-pull pin to adjust the blade angles, It allows you to just alter your plow blade with 6 five degree adjustments along with 3 blade angle positions that rotate the blades up to 25 degrees. It even permits you to lift your plow blade up to 30". This is a must have for an easy plowing experience.
  • Works with all KFI Branded Plows
  • New design allows for easier install for all plow accessories
  • New design adds 2.5" of overall length to the push tube
  • Front mount design with 30" + of lift height
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2" 12 gage square steel tubing
  • Heavy duty 1/4" thick 1-1/2" diameter grade 50 pivot bushings
  • Easy-pull pin blade angle adjustment
  • Multi-position plow lift bracket
  • 6 five degree blade pitch adjustments
  • 3 blade angle positions that rotate the blade up to 25 degrees
  • Powder coated black for durability 
  • Complete installation instructions included 
  • All mounting hardware included