OHGR: Over Head Gun Rack for 1.75" Roll Cage

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The OHGR installs on the ROPS (rollover protection system) of most vehicles and stores the guns overhead and out of the way. Made with premium materials like glass-filled nylon and cast aluminum, the OHGR (pronounced ‘ogre’) looks as good as your guns and not like something someone made in the garage. The premium rubber lined jaws wont scratch or mark the finish of the weapon, keeping the gun away from metal surfaces at all times. The rubber straps that hold the gun in place offer stealth operation when storing or removing guns from the OHGR.

  • Cast aluminum support bracket
  • Thick plate and cast steel brackets mount rack solidly and securely
  • Glass filled nylon housing
  • Multiple settings to hold jaws securely shut around gun
  • Tough but soft rubber jaw grips conform to gun stock and barrel, holding firearm securely in place

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