1. Mower Deck Mounted Z Trimmer

Mower Deck Mounted Z Trimmer

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Part Number: PC-ZT3000
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  • FITS:Mowers with 48" Decks or Larger & Having 20" of Clearance From Edge of Deck to Mower Frame
  • WARRANTY:1 Year Residential Warranty
  • NOTE:Mower Must Have a Minimum 15 Amp Charging System to Power the Z-Trimmer
Easy to install and simple to use. The lightweight Z-Trimmer is easily mounted to virtually any fabricated mower deck and runs off the mower's battery. Obstacles are not a problem as the Z-Trimmer is spring-loaded to swing away from any obstruction. It's a great tool to speed up regular maintenance of your yard or fence lines.

Operating Range of 10-30 Amps

Easily Folds for Transport or to Prevent Movement While Not in Use

140° Range of Head Movement for Trimmer or Edging

20" Reach From the Edge of the Mower Deck

Cast Aluminum Fixed Head

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