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Michelin X Tweel UTV Airless Radial Tire 26" x 9" N14 (4-137mm)

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The Michelin X Tweel UTV airless radial tire is a single unit, replacing the current pneumatic tire/wheel/valve assembly. Please note, Tire sold as Single Unit! Once bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain, thus eliminating the need to carry spare tires, tools, or repair kits. The full width poly-resin spokes help dampen the ride for enhanced operator comfort, while providing outstanding lateral stiffness for excellent cornering and side-hill stability. In addition, the low pressure contact patch of the Michelin X Tweel UTV helps provide outstanding off-road traction. The airless radial tire was developed to improve mobility in difficult environments and conditions where vehicles are exposed to rugged roads, jagged terrain and other hostile elements. In the face of these obstacles, the Tweel UTV product is designed to perform like a pneumatic radial tire, but with the robustness and damage resistance of an airless tire.

  • 4 Bolt Pattern 4x137 mm 
  • Center Hole Diameter: 4.1in 
  • Uninterrupted vehicle mobility (no flat tires to slow you down) 
  • Accelerated time to operations 
  • Poly-resin spokes carries load and absorbs impact, less driver fatigue (due to dampened ride) 
  • Previously impassable routes may now be passable
  • Max load 715Lbs 
  • Max speed 50 mph

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