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ICOS: In Cab On Seat Gun Carrier
ICOS: In Cab On Seat Gun Carrier

ICOS: In Cab On Seat Gun Carrier

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The ICOS requires no tools, installs in seconds, and utilizes the vehicle’s existing seat belt to mount within the UTV. It offers fantastic muzzle control, keeping the gun barrels pointed safely at the floor of the vehicle. Made entirely of closed cell foam, the ICOS provides two padded channels that won’t damage the gun’s finish or come in contact with the weapon’s optics or sights. Compression straps with buckles (i.e. no Velcro® straps) are used to secure the gun within the channels, so storing or retrieving a weapon won’t alert game. The ICOS’s brilliance is its simplicity.

  • Quick and easy install and removal, no tools required
  • Custom designed super durable, high-density foam securely holds guns without marring
  • Keeps guns pointed in a safe direction
  • Keeps your guns conveniently located and protected in the cab of the vehicle
  • No Velcro to startle game

Glass filled nylon buckles for tough reliability

Muzzle control keeps guns pointed down

Silently mount and dismount guns while keeping them tightly secured

Seatbelt required to install – not included

Holds up to 2 guns securely surrounded in soft cushioned channels that won’t mar firearm

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