ICOS 2 AR – In Cab On Seat Gun Holder

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The ICOS 2 AR is an innovative gun holder solution that allows an owner to carry up to 4 guns in their UTV securely and away from the elements while providing quick access to them all. It holds 2 hunting/long firearms just like the original ICOS, however this unit is better equipped to hold ARs with magazines as well as 2 handguns and 2 extra magazines (Pistol & Magazine Holsters Add-On Kit sold separately).

Best of all, there is no need to drill any holes into your vehicle or go through complicated installs. Just click the ICOS 2 AR into place using the vehicle’s existing seat belt*‡ and you’re ready to go. Part of a line of innovative UTV specific hunting accessories designed and manufactured by

  • Quick and easy install and removal, no tools required
  • Sturdy material keeps your rifles safe
  • Steep angle keeps rifles pointed in a safe direction
  • Securely holds 2 rifles with up to 30 round magazine
  • Quiet operation. No Velcro to startle game
  • * Seatbelt required to install – not included
    ‡ Three point seatbelts require use of included seat belt adjuster clip.

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