"Halo-R" Rear View Mirror for Pro-Fit Roll Bars

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This top-grade product is expertly made to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Designed to be installed once and last a lifetime, this product is made out of high impact ABS material to resist all sorts of punishment. Its heavy dudy steel clamp will guarantee no rattling or moment of the mirror on even the roughest terrain. Changeable color kits are available that allow you to update the bezel and the back logo to fit any vehicle design you want (ships with gray bezel and black logo).

  • Built tough to get you through the hardest rides
  • Convex mirror to make sure you can see anything and everything in the rear-view
  • Ball joint set up so you can find your perfect angle
  • Easy customization with color kits to find mirrors that work with any vehicle 

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