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Gun Boot Loop Bracket
Gun Boot Loop Bracket

Gun Boot Loop Bracket

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Part Number: KP-20032

This all-metal constructed loop bracket provides a secure and safe fit for your Gun Boot IV or Gun Boot 6.0 on your UTV when on the trails. This innovative bracket can be adjusted to multiple angle positions between 0 and 45 degrees. While the rubber coated ring holds your Gun Boot securely, a locking pin prevents additional movement and vibration when bouncing over rugged terrain. The compact design of this bracket provides for universal fitment to UTV racks, but also leaves room for your other valuable gear. The Loop Bracket is so versatile it can be mounted to the bed rail of a UTV or any flat (drillable) surface! (Also Gear Lock & Load compatible.)

All-metal constructed loop bracket

Rubber coated rings

Gear Lock & Load Compatible

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