Full Cab Enclosure to fit Hard Windshield for Kubota RTV520 / RTV400

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Part Number: 3S-KUB400FCF
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  • FITS: RTV400, Not for use on the Kubota RTV500

Protect yourself from the elements while getting the most out of your Kubota RTV520/RTV400 with this full cab enclosure designed to fit with a hard windshield. This modular enclosure includes door panels, a back panel, and a soft top, all made from tough 100% polyester marine-grade fabric. It's water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, and UV and mildew resistant to ensure a long-lasting, durable solution to your weather protection needs.

The enclosure's modular construction allows for multiple cover options, with each section working independently of the others. In colder temperatures, keep the top, doors, and back panel in place to keep the wind and cold out. As the temperature rises, remove the doors and keep the top and back panel in place. When it's hot and humid, just the top and your windshield may be all you need. So modular means you have options.

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