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E-Series PRO | 10
E-Series PRO | 10' Spot/Flood Combo

E-Series PRO | 10" Spot/Flood Combo

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Your Price: $399.99
Part Number: RL-110313

  • AMP DRAW:11.79
  • BEAM DISTANCE :447.5 m
  • INSTALLATION :< 1 Hour
  • LED'S:20
  • PEAK BEAM INTENSITY: 200,267 cd
  • RAW LUMENS:15840
  • SHIPS VIA:Standard Ground Shipping
  • WATTS:165
The E-Series. One of most versatile, all-around lighting solutions, and recent enhancements in LED technology delivering up to 111% more raw lumens than ever before with the E-Series PRO. Among RIGID's most popular product lines, the E-Series PRO has recently benefited from several upgrades to improve both looks and performance. The E- Series, now features a new 2-piece housing that is stronger, more durable and features an improved cooling system. 2-Piece housing are Torture Tested & Approved! With user serviceable mounting hardware and additional mounting bosses on the bottom and an integrated deutsch/amp plug, it makes this new 2-piece housing a more reliable sealing surface for you LED Light Bar.

New 2-Piece Construction

Spot / Flood Combo

50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan

Durable Polycarbonate Lens

Over / Under Voltage Protection

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