Coast Plug Kit for Kubota RTV-X900 / RTV-X1100 / RTV-X1120 / RTV-X1140

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Part Number: SF-X91120
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  • FITS: Kubota RTV X-Series
  • INSTALLATION : < 30 Minutes

Tired of almost knocking your teeth out when you take your foot off the gas? This coast valve will allow you to slow down and stop without the sudden jolt! Years of testing has gone into this valve to make it safe for your machine. Manufactured by an actual Kubota dealer who knows the need for a tight tolerance so as not to damage your hydro. Installation is quick and easy (with instructions) and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. This product does not affect the power.

  • Slow & stop with ease
  • Will not damage your hydro
  • Allows the vehicle to shift better

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