Armory SST Gun Case

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The Armory SST gun case and the Armory X Rack work in tandem to store and transport two weapons (requires two Armory SST cases and one Armory X Rack). The design of the system positions the cases over the dump bed of most vehicles, leaving the bed clear for gear or game. The Armory SST offers a unique locking hinge which keeps the case open, freeing up both hands to place, retrieve, or work on the gun while in the case. Moveable foam blocks inside the Armory SST case keep the weapon firmly in place, assuring nothing makes contact with the sights or optics even over the roughest terrain. A durable, glass-filled nylon lever is large enough to easily operate with gloves or mittens, and once released, the case lifts right out. With the Armory X Rack attached to both sides of the dump bed, its stiff, rigid, and strong—staying securely attached to the vehicle no matter how aggressive the terrain gets.

  • Easily accommodates any long gun up to 52" and ARs with or without optics 
  • Large enough to store additional rounds, equipment or cleaning supplies without damaging the gun
  • Easy install without tools or equipment
  • Stands above the bed of your UTV giving you maximum space in the bed

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Armory SST Gun Case