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Amber Radiance+  20
Amber Radiance+ 20' Light Bar

Amber Radiance+ 20" Light Bar

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On sale: $440.99 $285.27
Retail Price:$440.99
You Save:$155.72(35%)
Part Number: RL-220043

  • AMP DRAW:6.57
  • BEAM DISTANCE: 359.9 m
  • LED:9
  • NOW INCLUDES :Radiance Multi-Trigger Light Bar Harness
  • RAW LUMENS:7128
  • WATTS:92

The new Rigid Radiance Plus Light Bar, featuring new improved LED technology, delivers up to 35% more raw lumens than before. Built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing same as the legendary E-Series bars, but that's where the visual similarities end. Inside, the Radiance Plus bars are feature-packed, with a black exposed circuit board, optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics that combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern. Further, the Radiance Plus bars have built-in back-lighting available in White, Amber, Blue Green, and Red.  Large back-lit and recently updated Rigid branding plates further add to the unique look of the Radiance light bar. Even better, the Radiance Plus light bars now include a wiring harness and multi-trigger switch for a quick and painless installation. 

Part No.220043
Weight (Lbs)7.00
OpticsBroad Spot
Amp Draw6.57
Voltage Max15
*Raw Lumens7128
Lux @ 10m1295
Beam Distance @ 1Lux359
Beam Distance @ .25Lux719
Horizontal Beam Angle16
Compatible Light SeriesRadiance Pro

9-15 V DC

High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing and Heatsink

Dedicated Wire to run Back-Lighting without Primary LEDs

Black Powder Coated Mounting Brackets

High Impact Polycarbonate Lens

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