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2' Lift Kit for Kubota RTVs

2" Lift Kit for Kubota RTVs

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Your Price: $199.99
Part Number: AT-K1100L
Take your Kubota to a new Height! Lift Kit for the Kubota RTV900, 1100, 1140, 400, 500. This 4 corner lift will pick your Kubota up 2" making room for larger tires. Also helps give the Kubota a more beefy stance and gives it more ground clearance. Lift kit consists of all parts, hardware and instructions to be installed. Install time is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This lift kit has been engineered with longevity and hard use in mind. Has no negative effects on your axles or any other part on your Kubota. A must have if you're wanting to get the most ground clearance out of your Kubota without harming your factory suspension. This kit will ONLY lift the front for the RTV 400 & 500 vehicles.

Lifts all four corners of your RTV

Allows for larger tires

Has no negative effect on the vehicle axles

Great for extra ground clearance

Includes user friendly instructions & all hardware needed

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