12" x 8" Lockout Matte Black UTV Wheel - 4x110 Bolt Pattern

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Imagine style and performance at a great price … that's Vision Off-Road 393 Lockout matte black wheels! Consisting of a one-piece aluminum build, these ATV/UTV wheels complement the lightweight strength with the design of eight hefty bar-like spokes—all coated a deep matte black that delivers powerful appeal. Simple, yet strong! The Vision 393 Lockout matte black wheels infuse every corner of your rig with the ideal image.

  • Made with cutting-edge technology
  • Designed with perfect blend of strength and style
  • Personalize your UTV, ATV or golf car
  • Highly resistant to corrosion 
 12X84X110 MATTE BLACK 86 -10 4.1 C393A 1150 14lbs 

NOTE: Lugs not included

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